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All work processes in Petrel contribute to developing and refining the same volumetric earth model, static to dynamic. QI crossplot has been enhanced to be able to incorporate more data types, such as horizon attributes and new PDF curves for lithology classification. Win64 SIMULIA Isight v5.

petrel 2015 crack

The common environment and workflow automatically captures your knowledge as your work progresses. It is specifically useful in the case of erosion and discontinuities. This eliminates the information mismatch or information loss that is common when using individual applications.

And application startup time has been slashed to get you quicker access to your projects. You can now use the AND and OR operators and well conditions in your manage filters to access more relevant data. To help you complete your seismic interpretation workflow, Studio 2017 now supports velocity models to enable storing and sharing them between interpreters.

We also enhanced the SEGY 2D toolbox and the handling of prestack seismic data to help you load them with greater ease and accuracy. Petrel 2017 significantly improves your seismic intersection performance as well as that of your colleagues by storing the seismic cache in network drives and allowing cache file sharing among multiple users working with the same 3D seismic ZGY files across different Petrel platform projects and versions.

Petrel 2017 also helps geologists make the most of their raw log data through its resolution and performance improvements to raster log data loading and handling.

Cropped raster logs can now be loaded into the Petrel platform, with the right and left positions from the incoming file automatically maintained. Users can show expected sediment geometries and predict lithology distributions for clastic and carbonate reservoirs—modeled separately or together.

By using our powerful new geosteering technology directly from the Petrel platform, you can accurately geosteer the well by employing multiple measurements such as LWD logs or borehole imagery to reach your reservoir. Better manage simulation cases It has never been easier to access Petrel platform features from a native ECLIPSE reservoir simulator case.

Petrel 2017 provides an enhanced way to convert your ECLIPSE simulation cases to Petrel platform cases. You also now have the ability to directly convert your ECLIPSE simulator cases into INTERSECT simulator cases while preserving all the details of your ECLIPSE simulator cases such as user keywords. So you can go even further and deliver even faster.

In-context learning for the Petrel platform The Petrel Guru module allows you to access knowledge in the context of your work. The module guides you in the use of the Petrel platform processes, in performing workflows, and in checking the quality of results, and it is accessible directly from your data or processes.

Using a combination of video guidance and step-by-step workflows covering all disciplines, you can quickly learn how to use the tools you need. The guided workflows functionality has an intuitive interface that guides you through automation workflows. You can also run tests at any time and generate reports automatically using the quality reporting tool. These reports can be shared inside the project or as email or electronic documents.

The Petrel Guru module is hosted on the cloud and has regularly updated content.

petrel 2015 crack

Software Tutorial,Education - - petrel 2015 crack

petrel 2015 crack
Can someone confirm this works. These reports can be shared inside the project or as email or electronic documents. It is specifically useful in the case of erosion and discontinuities. Evidenciado por las citas de más de 1. Supported analysis methods include Arps, stretched exponential, Duong, and power law Petrel 2015.
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